the pond & the waterfalls

Supporting emerging collaborations as (a) key to societal change. #SDG17

Shared potential

Change is everywhere - and accelerating all the time. Our future reminds of the past as described by Charles Dickens: 'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times'. Just like in 1859, we can see huge opportunities and frightening threats, often both at the same moment. 

We believe that the key to the best of times lies in our capacity to collaborate.

The Pond & The Waterfalls bets on this shared potential to improve our world.

Why, how, what

Collaboration is critical to seize societal opportunities.
For collaborations to realise their full potential, they need access to collaborative expertise and resources. This is especially true for emerging collaborations. They are our focus and our passion.

The Pond & The Waterfalls matches collaborative experts (FR/NL/EN) with emerging collaborations and provides extensive support to make their common trajectory a success.

We offer a tailor-made approach and combine human craftsmanship and digital virtuosity

We are, in essence, a philanthropic initiative. We do not expect a financial compensation for our contribution, but work with a 'pay-it-forward' formula.


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