The emerging collaborations we work with are still in a fragile situation. Some of them need to work -for the time being- discreetly. Therefore we choose not to name them.

Identikit n°1

Initiators: Three friends/professionals with complementary talents and experiences

Dream: Building a multi-diverse organisation where dance facilitates cross-silo connections and mutual understanding in the neighbourhood

Place of birth: Bruxelles

Challenge: Co-create with a large diversity of people representing all kinds of organisations

Our contribution to their collaboration:

Help them clarify the shared dream; make it more concrete

Open up the conversation amongst them around topics as: personal ambitions, engagement, what gives me energy, what is not my cup of tea, how do we relate to eachother, how can we frankly speak up, …

Develop & facilitate the zoom-meetings they have with their fifteen potential partners

Identikit n°2

Initiators: Four engaged citizens, partners in a brand new, local energy-cooperation

Dream: Building a hydro-electric power station on the river that crosses the city

Place of Birth: Flanders

Challenges: Working together as a small, starting organisation with different, huge institutions around a highly technical and complex subject.

Our contribution to their emerging collaboration:

Install an open communication culture amongst them which stimulates every member to express his/her own voice

Bring forth the wisdom around the table to tackle specific challenges: p.e. how to become top of mind for institutional players, where to find the necessary technical expertise is now lacking, …

Prepare and facilitate the zoom-meetings they have with the potential partners

Identikit n°3