Our name

And the people behind it

Our name

The Pond & The Waterfalls refers to the interaction between a pond and the waterfalls which enter and exit the pond – the courage to throw yourself in a collective, the confidence in the transformative power of a living collective, the belief that most of the work happens under the surface, the rich overflow from the pond in new waterfalls. And of course – the lily flower as a beautiful expression of the collective energy.

Our Board

The Pond & The Waterfalls is an association governed by a Board. Their main responsibility is to guide, approve and follow-up on the strategy of the organisation.

Integrating the principles of polyphonic culture is key for us. We are therefore proud and grateful that we are guided by a board that combines different perspectives and personalities.

Marion Pelletier (President), Anne Henricot, Sophie Goblet, Elke Kristoffersen and Jonas De Cooman (click on a name to see their LinkedIn profile).

Our Team

The Pond & The Waterfalls is managed by Kurt Peleman, Tamara Lenaerts & Katrien Desrumaux, whose professional journeys made them passionate believers in the power of collaborations. They bring in management & philanthropic expertise, know-how about social entrepreneurship and skills to deal with group dynamics. 

Besides that Kurt is a lifelong supporter of Antwerp's football-team, Tamara loves doing full moon rituals with a bunch of women and Katrien is always on the lookout for a gem on the second-hand market.

Our collaborative experts

We work with a pool of collaborative experts. Senior professionals with elaborative expertise in working with multi-stakeholder-groups and polyphonic teams. They are all entrepreneurial themselves, they love the creative chaos of emerging initiatives, they are open to new and unpredictable experiences and striving for a better world is part of their nature. #SDG17

We enthousiastically present you our current experts: Chantal Claus , Ann Noppen, Lien Penninckx, Carine Chisu, Saskia Szepansky, Cathelyne Van Overstraeten, Leen Publie, William Strobbe (click on a name to see their LinkedIn profile).

Interested in joining our team of experts? Find out more.

Our partners

The Pond & The Waterfalls is open to partnerships of all kind:

  • Financial support
  • Leads to emerging collaborations and to senior facilitators/collaborative experts
  • Digital wizards that want to help us
  • Consultants/organisations that work in the field of societal change and entrepreneurship

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the generous support of our partners:

To those who prefer to stay anonymous: thank you for daring to be first followers, thank you for your financial gifts and for the inspiring exchange of experience and know-how.

@Citizenne: thank you for letting one of your experts work with us!

@De Heerlijckyt: thank you for the inspiring location you offer us and for opening up your powerful network.

@HRD Academy: thank you, Jo, for the financial support and for giving us access to a huge network of outstanding, professional facilitators.

@Fanny Matheusen: thank you for giving your master students in Deep Democracy the opportunity to work with our experts. Also thank you for opening up the Hummus house to us.

@Astrid Leyssens, Head of Sustainable progress at VP Capital: thank you for your encouragement and support. 

Interested in becoming a partner? Reach out to us!

Interested in becoming a partner?

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