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Delivering great value to emerging collaborations

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for senior collaboration experts (FR/NL/EN): trainers, facilitators, teamcoaches,...  who want to make expertise & time available to emerging collaborations. Specific expertise we are looking for: how to prepare & lead meetings, how to build & leverage diversity/polyphony, how to channel entrepreneurial energy in a collaborative context, how to manage a groups-process without intervening in the content.

We appreciate you to be loyal to the collaboration from the start till we exit - and to be agile enough to offer your support when needed. We also invite you warmly to contribute to improving our methodology.  

Expert Testimonials

What do we offer?

We do not offer Heaven: there is no payment. But we believe we can offer some of the better things on Earth: the possibility to use the best of you to make the world a better place; the guarantee to join -together with a colleague- a chaotic but very rewarding journey with the collaboration you support; the chance to work within the context of an entrepreneurial & ambitious start-up.

And thanks to the complex environment in which you will participate -and the intervision tools we foresee- the opportunity to grow as a professional.

Here you can find some testimonials from experts who work with us.

And please don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested to hear more!

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