Meet our expert facilitators

An Van den Bergh is a social pedagogue and specialised in participation and inclusion, mainly in art and culture. She coordinates her own non-profit organisation Het Scheldeoffensief, a theatre work with (young) adults with a disability. In addition, she guides change processes based on her skills as a Deep Democracy facilitator.

Katja Vander Poorten is a creative all-rounder with a great desire to bring out the best in people. As a process counsellor and facilitator, she wants to help teams to go through processes in order to make better decisions and work together more smoothly.

As a process facilitator, Carine Chisu is particularly interested in the creative cooperation that arises when people sit together around hopeful innovation. With her energy and enthusiasm, she efficiently guides the groups through the different phases, so that they can make each other even better in a respectful way!

Anna Noppen is an organisational consultant and a body oriented therapist, specialised in the new field 'Organisational Embodiment'. Within the project of the 'Embodied Change Institute', she facilitates learning trajectories around 'embodied working' for coaches, change agents, psychologists, and HR advisors, both in-company and in open offer. In addition, she has a body-oriented psychotherapy practice for leaders, under the name 'bodymindwork', where she also gives trainings on 'living in your body'.

Ine Reel is Head of Administration and Organisation at Karel de Grote University College in Antwerp. As a manager, she focuses on personal and team growth through self-leadership, feedback culture and co-creation. Deep democracy and its tools serve as her guide.